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VZS’s Salt Feeder protect the supplements from among others, the rain. The animal learns how to open the feeder themselves to get to the supplements. The feeder automatically closes afterwards. Easily transportable.

Designed to protect supplements against, among others, rain
Adjustable weights for easy counter weight
Easy to move about between camps
Fits comfortably onto bakkie
Sturdily designed to be bull-resistant
Volume (two bags on either side): 200kg
Approximately 20 – 25 units per feeder for optimal use
Feeder is painted as standard

When the feeder is used, the weights have to be adjusted for it to be open at first
After a few days, the weights have to be adjusted further to close the feeder bin a bit more. Cattle have already been taught where the fodder is
and will keep on putting their heads into the feeder bin. After a week or so, the lid can be kept fully closed and they will know how to open it

At the escalating price of fodder, it makes sense to see that supplements are not wasted due to weather conditions

The feeder bin can be galvanised
*It is, however, more expensive and the extended lifespan has not been determined yet

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